How to use the SpeedpedelecFinder©

Easy: just click on "Click to Filter" and 40 filters appear. Just filter as You like, click SHOW RESULTS. Not satisfied? Just filter on till You find what You were looking for....and more.

Filter from batteries to brands or gears to suspension. But also on our ratings for properties as comfort, level of maintenance needed or speed. And even the range and price are ready to be filtered: both with the standard battery as the maximum available battery. For batteries aren't cheap.

Find Your fit with 3 filters.

All data is derived from our own SE-Database© which is constantly updated. Please note our disclaimer.

Speedpedelec Evolution, speed pedelec, S-Pedelec, HS ebike, SpeedpedelecFinder©

FAQ & tips

How to start?

Use Your most important rating: either 04 SCORE COMFORT or 05 SCORE ONDERHOUDSARM or 06 SCORE SNELHEID.

Suppose speed prevails for You: remove all filters + select 06 SCORE SNELHEID = "10 van 10". Too few hits? Select also "9 van 10" and so on.

Refine. For instance Your minimal range in Km's. Can You charge during Your trip? Click in 08 ACTIERADIUS THEORETISCH MAXIMALE ACCU Your value and all more than that.

Is Your budget limited then use the slider in the last filter PRIJS.

Are You're only looking for the latest models? Choose in 03 JAAR only recent years.

How to use the SpeedpedelecFinder©?

Click on the text CLICK TO FILTER and all 40 filters appear on the rightside of Your screen. First the BRAND followed by 9 most used numbered filters. The rest of the filters are on alphabetical order, and at the end You'll find the PRICE of the bicycle (with the standard battery) and ISNEW for selecting only new bikes.

Is the order erratic then select one of the sorting orders on the right, midscreen.

Rightside below You'll find the number of bikes found.

Click SHOW ... RESULTS: only bicycles matching Your criteria are shown. Just click FILTER again to continue Your search. Your filters are saved untill You press FILTER + CLEAR FILTERS.

Each filtervalue shows its number of bikes between brackets.

Can I save my bikes in a Wish List?

Yes, You can! You can add a bike(s) to Your personal Wish List just by clicking on the heart symbol "ADD TO WISH LIST".

The bike will be added to Your Wish List for later review or on another device. Using the Wish List requires a one time only registration. This data of course remains confidential.

Selecting more values in a filter

Some filters require that You select greater values as well for proper results:

* 3 rating filters

* 2 range filters

* 2 battery capacity Wh

* 2 battery energy Ah

* Max toelaatbaar gewicht Kg

* Motor kracht Nm

* Motor nominaal vermogen Watt

Example: to find all bikes with a minimum range of 70 Km you select "Minimaal 70 Km" but also "Minimaal 75 Km" and "Minimaal 80 Km", etc.

And some filters require that You select smaller values as well for proper results: PRICE WITH maximale accu.

Can I select more than one brand?

Yes You can!

Simply select in BRAND all the brands You want and You will find their bikes. You can use YEAR to select only the most recent bikes.

How to find bikes with the Pinion gearbox at the crankshaft?

Click CLEAR FILTERS and select "Pinion" in the filter VERSNELLING FABRIKANT.

Which bikes are currently for sale?

Click CLEAR FILTERS and select in the filter YEAR the current year.

As it is likely that bikes from previous years are still for sale (often with a discount) we recommend to select 1 or 2 older years as well.

Which bikes are in the pipeline/not yet for sale?

Check out our brandpages or NEWS page where the hottest news is published.

Only when enough technical specifications are provided by the manufacturer we can add a bike in development to the Finder with the proper expected year of sale. Most manufacturers however demand an embargo on all details until their official release date.

How to find the newest bicycles?

The newest speedpedelecs are labelled "New" in their photo in the SpeedpedelecFinder©.

You can easily select all new bicycles by:

1. open the filters on the rightside

2. go to the last filter ISNEW

3. select TRUE

You can open the filters on the rightside either by entering a searchphrase in the lookingglass or by clicking on CLICK TO FILTER.

Why does the Shopping basket not work and why is the stock 0?

We do not sell any bikes, we provide information.

Thus no stock and no operational shopping basket. To buy a bike go to the manufacturers website to find a dealer.

How does the SpeedpedelecRadar© work?

In a blink of an eye You see in our radargraph how a bicycle performs on the topics comfort, speed, degree of maintenance needed, range and price.

And as many bikes are available with batteries larger than the standard one we present both range and price for

  • the standard battery and
  • the maximum available battery.

On top of that the golden line in the graph represents the average ratings of all the speedpedelecs in our database at the given date. This enables You to compare Your bike in the same blink of an eye with all the other bikes.

Speedpedelec Evolution, speed pedelec, S-Pedelec, HS ebike, SpeedpedelecRadar© shows ratings and compares to the markets average