Speedpedelec Evolution Stromer brand logo

Stromer is a brand of the Swiss MyStromer AG, the marketleader for speedpedelecs. As per May 2020 no less than 30% of the total fleet of speedpedelecs in The Netherlands was made by them.

In 2019 the brand existed 10 years and for that occassion they challenged their customers to cycle a distance of 400.000 Km on October 10th. As expected the challenge was met as globally 70.000 bicycles could participate. Mid 2022 that number reached an even 100.000.

Characteristic for the Stromer bikes is their level of connectivity: being connected to the www. Stromer was the pioneer. This enables Stromer to continually gather data from their bikes: as travelled distances (how much), time and duration of travel (when) and off course the where via the inbuild GPS locator. From 2022 onward we see that Stromer is sharing part of the findings with the market, which we salute. The main advantage for the cyclist is the tracebility (and in case of theft the trackability) of the bike.

The 2nd characteristic is the lack of suspension: comfort is only provided by balloon tyres which Stromer was among the first to install but were common in the market around 2020.

For ergonomic reasons You can nowadays make a choice between several steeringbars and stems without surcharge. But thankfully there are also options for front- and/or saddle-suspension which set You back by about € 1.000 (pricelevel 2020).

Rearsuspension remains a no-go for Stromer.

Helaas is bij de ST3 en ST5 modellen ook de mogelijkheid voor stuurvering geslachtofferd ten gunste van het "clean design": het verwerken van kabels en leidingen in het stuur.