Who is who

Crazy about bicycles.

Hi there, I am Jos Aerts, data-analyst (and more) by profession and crazy about bikes. From my youth onward the bicycle slowly became more important: not only for shopping, holidays but for commuting as well.

Esp. when the e-bike came into view and it's climax the speedpedelec. That was around 2010. From a glossy black Flyer S Urban Deluxe (2012) with support upto 35 Km/H. More power and comfort was needed which led to it's successor in 2014: a matt black Riese & Müller Delite Hybrid 2 Nuvinci HS with full suspension. To be replaced in 2018 with a black/orange Klever X Speed. The year round I visit all kinds of events related to speedpedelecs, few bicycles I have not sat on and few manufacturers I have not spoken to.

Combined with my love for technical stuff and the need for a better world to live in, I changed from writing a book to making a website about speedpedelecs. Published in 2020 as speedpedelec-evolutie.nl (180.000 pageviews as per December 2022) this changed to a full overhaul with a powerfull Finder in speedpedelec-evolution.info in 2023.

Hope You enjoy it.

Jos Aerts, Founder & Webmaster