Stromer ST7 Launch Edition 2022

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October 15, 2022

On Eurobike July 2022 Stromer launched its new flagship the ST7, which is characterized by the word "more": more range, more maintenancefree, more colour but also more price.

However comfort is only derived from its fat tyres: the standard specs of this model do not include any kind of suspension. Although front and saddle suspension is optionally available.
It is the 1st speedpedelec with Pinion's Smart.Shift gears: this means that the so beloved gearbox at the crankshaft is now controlled by 2 push buttons which, powered by the bike's battery, trigger the shifting whether standing still or cycling and even under heavy strain. No more gripshift.

You can pre-select Your own starting gear and Your display shows the gear You are currently using.

The intube battery of 1,440 Wh can be taken out of the bike sideways, takes max. 7 hours to charge from empty and costs € 2,794. It is the 1st Stromer battery with build-in led lights that visibly shows its charging status when charged outside of the bike.
The colour display is still placed in the toptube and the motor, again stronger than previous models with 52 Nm of torque, is placed in the rearwheel.
The frontbrake is equipped with ABS: from the Italian Blubrake just like Stromers ST5 ABS 2021 model.
Also customary is the connectivity: via a free OMNI app on Your phone. You are pampered with: over-the-air-updates, GPS-location, triple anti-theft measures (Keyless, Smartlock and audible and visual alarm), service reminders, a Crash Alert, customizable motor support settings, statistics, remaining range, etc.
The lighting consists of Stromers U-shaped daytime running light and Supernova's best-in-class headlight with low and high beam. And of course a brake light.
The USB charging point for smartphones and the like is now situated under the toptube next to the ABS control button.
The bike is available from Autumn 2022 as Launch Edition in the colour Solid Gold (€ 12.140) and from January 2023 in Dark Platinum (€ 12.490). Included is a rear luggage rack (max. weight 22.5 Kg). Options: Upside Down black front suspension from Wren € 990,00, saddle suspension Cirrus Cycles' Kinekt € 245,00.

Click on the Product Data Sheet to read our Newsletter on the release of the Stromer ST7 LE 2022.

Additional product information

03 Year
04 Rating comfort
3 out of 10
05 Rating maintenancefree
10 out of 10
06 Rating speed
10 out of 10
07 Range theoretical standard battery
Minimum of 90 Km
08 Range theoretical maximum battery
Minimum of 90 Km
09 Suspension front?
10 Suspension rear?
11 Motor, place of
Battery energy in Wh of standard battery
1,400 up to and including 1,500
Battery energy in Wh of maximum battery
1,400 up to and including 1,500
Prijs met maximale accu
van € 12.000 tot € 13.000
Ketting of riem?
Versnelling fabrikant
Comfort zadelpenvering?
Comfort verstelbare stuurpen?
Comfort velgmaat Inch
Motor fabrikant
Motor nominaal vermogen Watt
Motor kracht Nm
van 50 tot 54
Motor standen individueel aanpasbaar?
Accu plaats
Accu stroomsterkte Ah
van 30 tot 32
Versnelling plaats
Versnelling systeem
Trapas versnelling gesloten
Versnelling schakelwijze
Drukknoppen 2 stuks
Versnelling aantal
Versnelling automaat?
Rem fabrikant
Rem voor diameter Mm
Rem met ABS?
Lage instapframe beschikbaar?
Loophulp - walk assist?
USB (micro) oplaadpunt?
Hoor- of zichtbaar alarm?
GPS locatie (chip)?
Max toelaatbaar gewicht Kg