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Ellio cuts price 2nd battery in half

Published March 13, 2024

The Belgian brand Ellio cuts its price for a second battery in half: from € 1,665 to € 895 for a second 1,150 Wh battery.

Which is a mere € 0,78 per Wh in a market where prices range from € 1,50 towards € 2,00. We support any price decrease in the battery market, which constitutes 1/5 of the consumerprice of a speedpedelec. High prices are a main cause for the snail's pace growth of the speedpedelec market.

Review Klever N Pinion 45 2023

Published Januari 20, 2024

We proudly present our 3rd indepth special report: a review of the Klever N Pinion 45 from 2023.

Comparing it to other brands and to Klever’s X model from 2018 we are showing the evolution in these remarkable bicycles which come with many technical specifications. Also You will find a lot of hints making it an interesting read for anyone, whether cyclist or manufacturer.

English starts on page 15.

Click to show all the Klever N Pinion 45 2023 specs in our SpeedpedelecFinder©.


Speedpedelec Evolution goes LinkedIn

Published on July 1st, 2023

On July 1st, 2023 Speedpedelec presented its company account on LinkedIn. We think that grouping all LinkedIn info on one speedpedelec dedicated account helps us promoting the speedpedelec as the sustainable mobility solution it is.

It will contain:

* posts from manufacturers of bicycles and components,

* news on legislature and events,

* statistical info on sales and fleet amongst which our own data for the NL market.

Becoming a member is easy! We prefer the English language.

Pinion presents Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU)

Published June 24, 2023

On Eurobike 2023 Pinion, the German gearbox specialist, presented it's MGU (Motor Gearbox Unit): the existing enclosed gearbox at the crankshaft now combined with their new midmotor in the same encasing, hence "unit". The MGU uses electronical components, as displays, remote controls, batteries and an app, from the Swiss brand FIT E-bike System Integration owned by the Swiss Biketec AG.

One of the first of nine brands using the MGU is Kettler on their new model Pinniato FS Speed. The MGU competes with the Valeo motor/Effigear gearbox combination which was presented in 2023 bij Fuell on their new models Flluid 2S en 3S.

To our Pinion MGU page (Dutch).

Newsletter Speedpedelec Evolution on Action’s groundbreaking KISS-FN speedpedelec

Published April 1st, 2023

About two months before World Bicycle Day the 30 years old Dutch retailer Action introduces it’s groundbreaking speedpedelec: the KISS-FN. With the slogan “a speedpedelec for all” they present, completely out of the blue, a maintenancefree, twin-engined, steel bicycle which flouts all conventions in the slowly growing speedpedelec industry.

Action: This bicycle has lots to offer for a small investment: cheap, reliable, maintenancefree and environmentally friendly. Our logo for this bike is a heart: which stands for being kind to Yourself and others and the planet were living on. There is only 1, genderfluid, model of our KISS-FN as our customers are relieved no choice needs to be made in this complex society we all build.

It took no less than 2 months for our renowned productdeveloper, Karel Drais, to come up with this exceptional speedpedelec. Modern speedpedelecs are over-expensive, unrepairable due to evermore complex components and last but not least prone to be stolen. We choose the opposite: affordable, minimal excellent components and a lifelong Cycle4Life guarantee. Stealing our bike is useless: the cheap bikes are easily available all over Europe via our vast network of stores. Expensive bike-hunters are superfluous: bikes can be repatriated via our own logistical services, Action is everywhere. So mobility (anti-theft) insurance via ANWB, VAB or ADAC is history.

With a simple framework of steel tubing the KISS-FN is sustainable as it can be produced locally. The advantage of which is that local production meets local demand preventing stockpiling. A bicycle manufacturers wet dream in the current industry.

Remarkable is the origin of our sole colour Inkblack, it is a residual product from wastepaper recycling. Both handles and saddle are made out of wood. Finally You can customize them Yourself with our simple file. Bike-fitting at its best.

Our heavy-duty steel carrier at the rear, which is part of the framework, can carry all our bags upto 50 Kg. That’s twice the norm in the industry.

Also our solid, airless tyres are exceptional: we are the only ones to give a puncturefree guarantee. Milk or foamfillings become redundant: no hassle and sustainable. The cross-section of the tyre shows it’s tri-angular shape. With the “sharp edge” the wheels cuts through the roads surface, mud or snow so that the bike just can not skid. Together with an elongated framework and smaller tyres (size 20 Inch) the stability of the bike is phenomenal. Broad fenders keep both bike as cyclist clean.

Where the industry installs ABS on their brakes we present the airbrake. The only braking power on this bike is provided by it’s 2 modern hubmotors through regenerative braking, which causes the bike to slow down. This compels the cyclist into an anticipating driving behaviour with a positive outcome on traffic safety. National cyclist unions and governmental institutions will applaud this method which must lead to less traffic related injuries and deaths.

Action will facilitate a free cycle training on it’s own parking lots on Sundays, another first in the bicyclemarket, which will surely have a positive impact on the connectivity people feel towards another instead of the Internet.

There are no gears on this bike: cyclist and 2 motors provide sufficient power for slow or high speeds. Officially known as “single-speed” this opens another door to many of our customers, singles, a growing phenomenon in society. The newly presented Enduo longlife chaindrive also finds its premiere on our bike: steel sprockets and chain promise to last 30.000 km.

Bike-nerds saw it at first glance: no suspension on this bike. However it’s bend steel front fork is easier on the body than many competitors aluminum suspension. It also contributes to a sense of speed, lower maintenance (costs) and the low price.

The KISS-FN is equipped with 2 hubmotors, enabling all-wheel drive, the introduction of which precedes that of would-be competitor VanMoof.

The onboard energy is derived from a simple detachable ontube battery of 800 or 2.600 Wh, to be chosen be the customer without any surcharge. We are the first to introduce the battery exchange station: empty or worn out batteries can be returned at any store where a fresh one is available at almost no cost. In doing so, the whole battery market is outdated overnight and makes battery repairing companies redundant. Chargers are also available in same stores costing no more than a common set of button cells.

Action will be the first to apply the No-Geo-Fencing-policy: the total lack of track and trace connectivity enabling the cyclist to be in control over his speed, now or in the future. Those who prefer navigation on their bikes will be offered a free Google Maps manual via our website. That way our customer can always find us.

Details about lighting will be provided but will include a flashing light which is button activated. Main lighting will originate from Action’s own stock just like the reflectors, all complying to local legislation (StVO-gemäss).

Our Cycle4Life guarantee follows the “over-the-counter” principle: via the well known servicedesks of our countless stores the bike can easily be handed over upon which a brandnew one is provided without any costs! If possible Your old bike will be repaired via our local partnering community workshops and after a quality inspection replaced in our stock. No less than 99% reusability can be achieved, even many parts of heavily damaged bicycles can be re-used or in the worst-case scenario recycled adding a new meaning to this word.

Rest assured the pictures do not show an enormous pricetag on our KISS-FN, that is the obligatory certificate of conformity. Price is fixed at € 500, the maximum our cash registers can process for security reasons. The lack of any dealer margins being an important factor as well.

Action is overwhelmed by many reactions from the cycling industry, especially about the price, our manufacturing and the introduction lacking any marketing interference.

Action: we are proud to offer this sustainable, health improving autonomous means of transport to our cherished customers. And for being an example to the mobility industry while providing solutions for many social challenges.

Available at Your local store on March 30, 2023 after 21.00 hours.

This newsletter is in compliance with UN resolution FN-001 on the reduction of Fake News.

Qwic postpones production

Published February 26, 2023

The Dutch manufacurer Qwic has stopped the production of it's speedpedelecs.

The current 3 models of the Performance serie (MA11 Speed, MD11 Speed and RD11 Speed) are not printed in the 2023 catalogue. However there can still be bicycles in store at the local dealers which could be at a bargain.


SE Newsletter: Stromer ST7 Launch Edition 2022

Published on July 29, 2022

Click here to open our Newsletter on the Stromer ST7 Launch Editon 2022.

Today we published our Newsletter on the specifications and market placement of this new Stromer model. All about the history and evolution of the Stromer brand here.

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